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Class 1 driver training:

We are able to take you from a complete novice and progress you through all the required phases until you have gained your full drivers license. Each student is different so we will firstly assess your skill level and then tailor a training program to the individuals needs. Our friendly, professional instructors both hold diplomas in driving instruction (UK) which are recognised by NZTA. We have both male and female instructors and we specialise in nervous driver training.

We have both manual and automatic training vehicles which are fitted with dual control systems to ensure a safe training environment

When you sit your Restricted Licence test, you will be asked to carry out one manoeuvre. The manoeuvre of choice is the parallel park.
The thought of carrying out this manoeuvre instills fear in a large number of test candidates. It shouldn’t do.
The parallel park is simple to learn, and can be easily taught in less than 30 minutes. It is just a technique, and if you exhibit good technique, then the manoeuvre is easy.

  • You must perform the manoeuvre in minimum of 2 moves, and maximum of 4 moves.
  • You must not reverse more than 7 metres behind the car in front.
  • You must finish up with your car parallel to, and within 300 mm of the kerb.
  • You must not mount the kerb during this manoeuvre
  • You must not hit the kerb with enough force to be a discomfort to the passengers
  • Lastly, you must finish in a position where you can see the rear tyres of the car in front where they sit on the road.
We will also teach you how to Reverse bay park, and angle park. There is no point in learning the finer points of driving a car, if you can’t park it anywhere when you get to your destination.

Driving Skills Code Standard

Do you have trouble getting into that parking space?

Is parallel parking something you avoid?

We can teach you how to master the art of parking your car, you will come away from this session with the ability and confidence needed to never have trouble getting into that gap again! We will cover, parallel parking, reverse bay parking, forward bay parking, angle parking, as well as reversing in a straight line, and around a corner.

It usually isn't the actual towing of the trailer, that most people struggle with, but REVERSING the trailer. We can teach you how to manage your trailer, reverse it with ease, know about the legalities of towing a trailer, i.e.overhangs etc. and know how much turning circle you will need, for example when turning at an intersection

Boat Trailer, Horse Box, Horse Float, Caravan or Any Trailer Type.

It usually isn't the actual towing of the horse float, that most people struggle with, but REVERSING the horse float. We can teach you how to manage your horse float, reverse it with ease, know about the legalities of towing a horse float etc. and know how much turning circle you will need, for example when turning at an intersection

This is highly recommended proper to taking the driving test, however, it IS NOT RECOMMENDED AS THE ONLY DRIVER TRAINING session!!!! The purpose of the pretest lesson, is to dispel any pretest nerves, and any final practice. It isn't a "test-tips" session. Your son or daughter won't learn the life preserving road skills that they need in the this one lesson.

Pass rate is 100% if you follow the training syllabus to the letter and there is nothing better than being well equipped with as much knowledge as possible so that you have the best possible chance of a first time pass.

We aim to do this with an all around preparation for the test. Restricted or Full licence test. We WILL NOT teach you how to robotically drive around the test route. You aren’t going to only drive on the test route for the rest of your driving days. We will take you to drive around areas that you aren’t familiar with. We like to take you over the Auckland Harbour Bridge, a drive that instills fear in a majority of novice drivers. We take you to the North Shore, and introduce you to rural driving as well.

At Roadcraft we are proud to be able to offer a range of training courses focused on the 4WD vehicles that we all love to drive. These courses are both on and off road and are supported by NZQA unit standards

Advanced driving

FREE on application

We are able to offer many unit standards that can be undertaken by both car and heavy vehicle drivers, These unit standards are regulated by MITO and can be added to your NZQA record of learning.


3464   Describe human risk factors in terms of self management strategy for a driver
3465   Describe driving hazards and risk reduction strategies and responses to driving hazards
15158   Carry out pre drive checks on a heavy motor vehicle, start up and shut down
17574   Operate a rigid vehicle to meet the requirements of a class 2 full licence
17575   Operate a combination vehicle to meet the requirements of a class 3 full licence
17576   Operate a rigid vehicle to meet the requirements of a class 4 full licence
17577   Operate a combination vehicle to meet the requirements of a class 5 full licence
17579   Demonstrate knowledge of driver requirements for a passenger endorsement
17676   Carry out a pre drive vehicle check on a light motor vehicle, and start and shut down the vehicle
17677   Demonstrate knowledge of safe night driving
17976   Demonstrate knowledge of operating a light 4WD vehicle in an off road environment
17978   Operate a light 4WD vehicle in an off road environment
20848   Demonstrate knowledge of driving a light 4WD vehicle on road
24089   Demonstrate knowledge of fatigue management - work time logbook

When you reach the age of 75, you are required to renew your licence, and get the go-ahead from your GP. This happens again at the age of 80, and every two years after that.

There isn’t usually any mandatory on-road assessment, unless your GP feels that it might be necessary.

But what happens as you get older?
You may find that your eyesight isn’t what it used to be. This will be checked when you renew your licence.
You may find that you are having difficulty turning around, when reversing your car, or turning around to check your blindspot.
You may find that there are little dents or scrapes on your car, and you don’t know how they have got there.

When my own father got to the age of 85, his doctor told him that he wasn’t allowed to drive any longer. Although he felt that his independence was being taken away from him, it was true to note that the amount of driving that he actually did every week, was minimal enough that the weekly petrol fill at the garage one week, cost less than the price of a newspaper!!! When he stopped driving, he started using the local taxi firm to get around, and found that it was much cheaper than keeping his car wof’d, registered and insured. Plus his daughters could stop quizzing him about the dents and scrapes that were mysteriously appearing on the car.

We do offer a practical assessment for any aged person, who perhaps is feeling that either a) they are still able to drive safely, but their family might think differently, or b) they are starting to doubt their ability to be safe in the car.

Our assessment is conducted on both familiar roads, and unfamiliar roads. We carry out the assessment using one of our own developed report cards, and a full debrief is given at the end of the drive.
This assessment has also been carried out in the past for people who are recovering from minor strokes, or other illnesses where family members aren’t too sure about their loved ones ability to drive safely.

Custom courses can be tailored to the needs of the customer, we can cater for single learners right through to corporate groups.

Do you run a fleet of drivers? Want to save money on vehicle maintenance? We can help save you money by undertaking driver training sessions to help protect your fleet assets.

These custom training sessions can be for car drivers or motorcycle riders and are designed after consultation with you.